A group portrait with casanova

Łukosz, Jerzy
Original title: 
Portret grupowy z Casanovą
Ms Master of Fine Arts, Art Collector, Burglar.

The action of this comedy takes place in our contemporary world. Ms Master of Fine Arts (a very spiritual lady) is in her flat. She tells the audience about her work - copying old masters' paintings. She cannot complain about her job, however; she can complain about her private life. It has been years now since she separated with her husband (the Art Collector) who is still living next door. The day we meet her, her hands are full of work, as she must make copies of stolen paintings before anybody can notice they’re missing from a museum. Being in one of her "metaphysical moods", she copies portraits of Frederick the Great, Voltaire and Casanova. Suddenly, The Burglar comes in. Caught by the lady, he confesses that he is not going to take anything away, on the contrary, his sole wish is to leave at her place the paintings which he stole from the museum. The man speaks primitive language; he does not come from the upper or middle class. She believes him when he says that the men from the paintings frighten him and shout at him that they want to be brought back to their gallery. The lady keeps the paintings and the very next day she offers a deal to her ex husband. They are going to dress themselves up as Casanova and Voltaire and push the naive Burglar into another theft - only this time he is to steal some precious pictures for them. The lady herself feels so spiritually fit to the Frederick's character that she crosses the borderline between fiction and reality. Finally, it turns out that the plot is made by the Burglar and the Collector. The lady goes to an asylum, but this is not the end. The men do not know that in her flat she cloned all those famous people from the portraits. The crowd of Casanovas and Duchamps descends from the frames. Nobody knows who is who and everybody seems to be real. The question is: what would a great ruler, thinker and lover say about this situation?