The madness

Jurek, Paweł
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1F, 1M

In a series of symbolic scenes the author presents a world deprived of human values, full of mechanical activities like copulation, selling, buying and killing. A sexual pervert wandering across a park after sunset, finding no other release but to bite the soil like an angry animal; he interferes with mindless girls, fans of supermarkets bargains taking a dummy for a real person, decent citizens whose moral codes appear to be equal with those of criminals. We see a gay couple buying a porcelain doll in a children’s store; we see a lover who chopped off her lover’s son’s head. Everything seems to be rather the result of recreating scenes watched by the characters in some TV program than the matter of conscious choice. The author shows the era of perfect madness and leaves us with unanswered question about contemporary reality of liberal values. Have we really gone that far already?