The quarrel at the ball

Lachnit, Ewa
Original title: 
Nasza klasa
Baśka/ Marta / Michał / Waldek / Bogdan Also: a Girl and a Boy

Their encounter after twenty years reveals different life choices and attitudes. A confrontation seems inevitable. The characters are around their forties; they used to attend the same class at secondary school. Their former classmates have experienced marriages, divorces and love affairs. Many of them have children. Some perhaps drink too much. Bogdan and Baśka achieved financial success, frustrated Michał is always fighting with his German wife, Marta lives in Italy as a successful opera singer etc. 
During their meeting, the former leaders and class victims re-emerge, new relationships are formed. Baśka takes Bogdan’s car and disappears on her way to the ball. She leaves him a cheque for the car. She desperately tries to get rid of her alcohol addiction. She believes that her classmates are able to take care of her little daughter. Although each of the classmates declares help, nobody really wants to do that. However, they all perfectly know that revealing the matter to the police would result in depriving Baśka of her parental rights. Eventually it is Michał who is most likely to take on this unwanted burden of being a step father. He is maybe the least prosperous of them all, but paradoxically not as selfish as the rest of his friends. 
Battered and drunk, the classmates finally reach their destination. They feel a sense of solidarity with each another. The Ball of the graduates has just started.