Intrator, Bożena

Author (writing in German, Polish, English) of: poems, short stories, novels, theater plays, translations of theater-plays, song lyrics, screenplays, translations and adaptations of screenplays, photographs and paintings.

She has charted hits in various radio stations and on TV in Poland, play-translations in various theaters in Poland and on Polish Public Television, she wrote screenplays for TV-series produced in Poland – the most popular was "Hela w opałach" - based on the well known American series "Grace under Fire". She was involved in various advertising projects in New York, Paris, Vienna and Warsaw - in cooperation with David Intrator (husband from 1987-1996) - creative concepts and production.

Her works were published in literary magazines in Austria, Germany, USA and Poland. She translated and interpreted for: Drehbuchforum Wien (Austria) and Stiftung Weiterbildung Film und Audiovision (Switzerland) - workshops with Krzysztof Kieslowski, a variety of theaters, festivals: Warszawska Jesien Teatralna (The Warsaw Theater Fall), Gdynia Star Festival and for Laboratorium Dramatu.

She worked with Faye Dunaway on a few film projects (as the author of translations and adaptations of screenplays and co-producer), among them on "MASTER CLASS” (adapted from the famous play "MASTER CLASS" written by Terrence McNally)
Right now she is one of the main producers of the film with the screenplay written by her and David Ward - “Music, War and Love” - with Adelaide Clemens, Stellan Skarsgard, Leo Suter and Connie Nielsen in the main roles.


  • New York University - PhD Program, Grad School of Arts and Science, German Department, New York, USA, graduated 1990 with the degree of Master of Philosophy
  • University of Southern California - Grad School of Arts and Science, German Department, L.A., USA
  • Vienna University - Institute for Translating and Interpreting, Vienna, Austria
  • Warsaw University - German Department, Warsaw, Poland
  • Several drama and screenplay writing classes and workshops (USA, Austria, Poland) with Tom Schlesinger, Keith Cunningham, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Tadeusz Slobodzianek, Armin Petras, Simon Stephens and Mark Ravenhill
Double Citizenship: USA, Poland

Memberships: ZAiKS (Poland)

Represented by:

  • Song lyrics - talent agent: Damian Slonina at Jaguarec (Poland),  publisher:  Sony/ATV Music Publishing Poland
  • Play translations and plays - talent agent: ADiT Agency (Poland), 
  • Screenplays - law office:  Greg Snodgrass at Business Affairs (LA, USA)


  • "Music, War and Love" (written in English - film in production – planned American premiere 2016)
  • "It started with a dream”  
  • "Talk to you on Facebook” (TV play)
  • “Not Fashion Alone” (Fashion TV worldwide 2012)
  • “The Bait” - Author of the English version of the screenplay - film shot in Polish and English (2009)
  • “Hela w opałach”  -  3 episodes (2007/2008, TVN Poland)
  • "Praktyka wzgledności" (Relativity in practice)
  • „Tak blisko i tak daleko" (So close and yet so far away - a stageplay consisting of poems and music); „Tak blisko i tak daleko" (It started with a dream – a drama); „So nahe und so weit" - in German
  • „Nasz mały krasnoludek" (Our little wizard)
  • „Między końcem i początkiem" (Between the end and the beginning – a monodrama)
  • „Talk to you on facebook" in English (written with an Irish poet and dramatist - Edward Lee)
  • „Motyle były wcześniej" (Butterflies were earlier written with Paweł Jurek)
  • "Śpij nie śpij" (Sleep don't sleep)
  • „Third time's a charm" (comedy)

Play translations and adaptations into Polish

  • „Królowa i Szekspir" (Esther Vilar)
  • „Zazdrość" (Esther Vilar)
  • „Starość jest piękna" (Esther Vilar)
  • „Strategia motyli" (Esther Vilar)
  • „Moskito" (Esther Vilar)
  • „Wielki Apetyt" – written based on the American play „Fully committed" by Becky Mode (won 2011 the main award in the Katowice Comedy Carnival - the biggest comedy festival in Poland)

Theaters in which plays were staged: Theater Polonia in Warsaw, Theater Nowy in Warsaw, Theater Nowy in Lodz, Theater Stu, Teatr na Woli, Theater Studio, TVP Theater & Polish Radio Theater, Theater Studio Buffo and others

Plays directed by: Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Krystyna Janda, Mikołaj Grabowski, Grażyna Barszczewska, Grażyna Dyląg, Paweł Aigner, Łukasz Kos, Aldona Figura and others

A full length novel

  • "Luft nur", 1995, Röschnar, (Austria)

Poetry collections

  • "Szepcząc, Geflüster", (pl, de) published by Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne, Kraków
  • "Tak blisko I tak daleko / So nahe und so weit", (pl/de) a book+CD, published by Akademia Wilanowska, Warsaw

Play translations published in a print form

  • "Królowa i Szekspir", Teatr Nowy in Lodz, 2000
  • „Zazdrość", Teatr Nowy in Lodz, 2001
  • "Starość jest piękna", ADiT, 2008