Life is loading

Więcek, Mariusz
Wójcicki, Jerzy
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Life is loading
The play won first place in the International Drama Competition "Talking About Borders" in 2016
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Life is loading is a play about a new way of experiencing the world, of which the Internet is an inseparable part.  Here we are witnessing a metaphorical colonization of the Wild West, where violence, struggle for territory, gold rush, religious awakenings are not subject to any legislation. Sexaholics, inspired prophets of conspiracy theories, self-proclaimed sheriffs-hackers, prankers, haters, home-grown coaches, trolls - this whole menagerie of human wickedness and beauty wanders through no man's land in search of their five minutes of fame. The play shows the Internet as a wild, barbaric land, which is still awaiting a long process of civilization. It is like discovering the customs of a tribe unknown to science. Youtube channels, social networking sites, sex-chats, memes, private apartments that are online twenty-four hours a day, big corporations that follow the tastes of the customers create a panorama of this new, wonderful world. Here is Donald Trump arguing on twitter with Vladimir Putin about the size of Kim Kardashian's buttocks, which ends with the declaration of World War III by the United States. A desperate woman, caring for her paralyzed husband, looking for consolation on a sex chat. Mark Zuckerberg, who invites a rebellious teenager who wants to close her Facebook account, to improve the world of the Internet with him. Two nerds who don't leave the house at all, having contact with each other only via Skype. A morbidly obese guru and life coach in one, leading a quasi-mass celebrating obesity and fat, who absolves bulimic and anorexic women from the excess weight. How do you find yourself in this beautiful/ cursed excess?

For artists, the omnipotence of the Internet is something obvious, a fact with which they do not intend to argue at all. This is why they are not wrestling with catastrophic visions from Moby's video ("Are you lost in the world like me"), in which the passive and disciplined society, dependent on new technologies, is inevitably heading for anomy. So Więcek and Wójcicki only look closely at the reality saturated with the Internet, which in their text they treat with appropriate distance and irony.