Marital problems

Więcek, Mariusz
Wójcicki, Jerzy
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Kłopoty małżeńskie
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Kinga and Robert decide to get a divorce. The spectators act as witnesses to the dispute. The spouses blame each other for a failed relationship, revealing to the audience embarrassing facts of their lives: financial problems, an unsevered umbilical cord with their parents, a tendency to indulge in pornography, controversial upbringing methods, flirting.

In the second act, the conflicted couple go to the lake house to repair their relationship. The situation changes when Robert's friend Ziggy appears on stage unexpectedly. The man has acquired a key to the cottage and regularly invites his lovers there. This time, however, the new girlfriend blows him off and has no intention of coming. Between Kinga, Robert and Ziggy there is a sharp dispute, which will irreversibly affect their further relationship. Ziggy is a single person who enjoys the charms of life. He has no children, makes good money, has a stable professional position, cannot complain about the lack of interest of the fair sex. While Kinga and Robert struggle every day for the quality of their relationship, Ziggy carelessly enters into new romances. In the finale, Kinga and Robert see in their colleague the harbinger of their own failure. The frivolous Ziggy turns out to be a lonely alcoholic who tries in vain to chase his demons away, jumping from one flower to another.

The comedy Marital Problems is a tribute to those who, regardless of the hardships of everyday life, have the courage to get married, which often involves endless sacrifices and emotional crises. What is the Philosopher's Stone that makes people want to be together? What do we really argue about when we argue over an unmade bed? Ziggy's tragicomic figure reveals an old but not easy truth - the fulfillment of a relationship depends largely on our personal attitude towards the world. Whether we are reconciled with each other, whether we accept our weaknesses, or whether we prefer to run away from our own problems, looking for help in a partner's arms.