Not there

Prześluga, Malina
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Nie ma
The play was produced as part of Teatroteka by WFDiF (dir. Natalia Sołtysik, 2017); performance reading of the play took place as part of the "ART OF CONTACT" Drama Festival in Wrocław Contemporary Theatre (dir. Paweł Kamza); the play received first prize (ex-aequo) at the "ART OF CONTACT" Drama Festival in 2016
Obsada kobiety: 
Obsada mężczyźni: 

Here's a story that happened and didn't happen. There are people in it who aren't there – dead, or have they never existed? Maybe they had no right to exist, because their existence is conditioned by the perception of the countryside by people "from the outside". And for many, the countryside remains terra incognita. According to some, it is the habitat of all pathologies: alcoholism, violence, darkness. For others, it is an idyllic scenery straight from a sentimental postcard. The Polish countryside seems to have no identity of its own.

The play Not there arises from this observation. The action takes place in the village of Żabki Małe, populated by residents who want to break out of this hell at all costs. The prose of life is disturbed by a peculiar danse macabre - the dead are wandering around the village, as if they felt equal to the living. This liminal suspension does not have to end with the resolution of the conflict - both the inhabitants and the spirits are "tied" to the ground, they cannot go either way to change their average life in any way. Kaśka wants to go to Spain and become a flamenco dancer, although we know that this is just a dream. The turn of events has led her to lose her outfit - she has to return to Żabki to her father - an abuser. Similarly, Gosia called Beata, accidentally found herself in the countryside even though she's was in the city - all attempts at denying her true identity have been of no use. These and other characters form a somewhat grotesque - but most of all, a deeply sad parade of people lost in life. In the finale, the only possible destination for an "escape" is the cemetery.