Nothing that is human

Pałyga, Artur
Tytuł oryginalny: 
Nic co ludzkie...
Szczegóły obsady: 
A dozen or so actors, can be played by 5 actors

A dozen or so actors, can be played by 5 actors

A theater triptych exploring the problem of Polish anti-Semitism and general xenophobia from three very subjective perspectives: a victim, a witness, an executioner.

Each part can actually make a separate whole, and each follows a different literary convention (from a social discourse to a poetical drama).

The first one is a contemporary story of a young woman, a public person pursued by gossip about her being Jewish.

The second is made up of statements from eyewitness reports concerning the post-war pogroms (Kielce).

The third story, based on facts, describes an encounter between a female prisoner and a former concentration camp guard, a sadistic SS woman. Although it is a true story, its plot draws on both a dream and reality.

Pałyga avoids arbitrary judgment, he does not see the world in black and white. Asking questions is far more important to him. In what way may one’s background influence intimate relationships? Why are ordinary, quiet people able to perform inhuman evil deeds? Why is it so easy for a victim to become an executioner?