Pałyga, Artur
Tytuł oryginalny: 
W promieniach
monodrama for a woman
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Obsada mężczyźni: 
Prapremiera polska: 
November 2017, Polish Radio Theatre, dir. Wojciech Urbański (radio premiere); September 2019, Maria Curie-Skłodowska Museum in Warsaw, dir. Edyta Łukaszewska

"The biographical monodrama about the life of Maria Skłodowska-Curie by Artur Pałyga takes on the shape of a poetic epistolary drama, in which the heroine writes letters addressed to herself. Radiant is a work enclosed in the form of correspondence between eighteen-year-old Mania and adult, dying Maria, portraying an intimate and complicated picture of the life of an exceptional and extremely sensitive woman: daughter, mother, beloved wife, widow, lover. [...] Pałyga frees Skłodowska-Curie from the stiff image presented in schools, filling her character with the reality of experiences, human tragedy, but also unspeakable happiness and fulfilment. She gives voice to what she valued most in her life - honesty, passion, perseverance, truth."

− Agnieszka Górnicka, Letters to oneself, "Teatr" 12/2016

"Radiant has nothing to do with a commemorative compilation of Skłodowska's letters or their critical "transcription". Rather, it is the writer's personal response to those thoughts of the scholar that caught his attention the most, and the amplification of those motifs present in her correspondence that most strongly appealed to his imagination. Pałyga reads Maria's letters and literally grabs her by the words, but not in order to point something out to her, sneakily deforming the meaning of the quoted phrases."

− Jacek Kopciński, Faust/yna. Radiant by Artur Pałyga, Załącznik Kulturoznawczy 4/2017