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Sometimes the Moon shines from down below

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+ three boys
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Czasami księżyc świeci od spodu

"If you knew everything, there wouldn't be so much evil in the world. Unless God and Demon are the same." This is a continuation of the dialogue with God that the PiK's heroes have. Paweł comes to see his brother, Jasiek, together with his wife and son. He is in his family home for the first time in twenty years. And only because their father is dying. As children they used to love each other very much. But Jasiek cannot forgive his brother for running away from home, leaving him and his mother at the mercy of his father, an abusive alcoholic. The atmosphere between the brothers is very tense. It culminates in a fight. Meanwhile, Bożena, Paweł's wife, communicates clearly - after the father's death, she expects the inheritance to be split in half. Of course, she does not want anything for herself. She thinks only about her son and his future. Jasiek invites God to his kitchen for a chat, he even prepares a stool, but does God ever come? Or maybe Jasiek can't properly hear his voice? Even though he wants to... God doesn't even help him with personal matters that end in a complete disaster. After a while, the brother comes to him alone, without his wife. Then it turns out that Janek's hopes for a great treasure buried by the Germans are no more than fantasies. No treasure existed. There is a sincere conversation between the brothers, but the old intimacy was irrevocably destroyed. Because closeness is something that is not given to people once and for all. It is something to be nurtured. To be respected. And the price for neglect is loneliness. How often we forget that...

The Trilogy of Rural Tales is not only a record of our times, it is a universal morality play about everymen in the conflict between nature and the god who left humanity on its own.