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The ADiT Agency, founded and run by Elżbieta Manthey
has been promoting contemporary dramaturgy 
in Poland and abroad for a number of years.

The ADiT collection includes plays by well-known and debuting Polish authors, as well as translations of foreign plays, which have been successful in local theatres, or which have been strongly suggested by our translators. A key area of ADiT's activity is representing the authors (Polish and foreign) and translators in the field of copyright, which effectively means concluding agreements with theatres on their behalf. We provide directors, theatres, and quite often also actors with information about the copyright to perform and publish plays, as well as with consultations in their selection: formal, thematic, casting. The Play Catalogue, which is updated every season, including the Monodramas Catalogue, as well as the newsletters, which inform about the latest texts, profiles of the authors, and the thematic offers, are useful sources of information about new dramatic texts. Moreover, our website www.adit.art.pl. facilitates independent search. 

ADiT is also a publishing house. We have worked on anthologies of plays by eminent authors, including Jon Fosse, Hanoch Levin, Harold Pinter, Elfriede Jelinek, Maks Frisch and Peter Asmussen. ADiT also published a selection of dramas from various cultural backgrounds.

Since 2000, ADiT has been the organizer of close to ONE HUNDRED performative readings, meetings with the authors of plays, and annual drama workshops Drama “work in progress” (Dramat w procesie rozwoju) in cooperation with PWSFTviT (The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School) in Łódź.

Performative readings, which are a platform for exchange of ideas - discussions with the author, translator, director and actors - are often the first impulse for theatrical explorations.