Polish plays

Black over white

Chotkowski, Łukasz

Using a simple and vulgar language, Chotkowski gives the audience a realistic insight into the life of the street people.  The action takes place amongst the juveniles. The author presents a chain of impressive pictures of the young losers who live nowhere and deal with stealing and mugging. Their rudeness towards each other results from a state of being lost. Their emotions are childish.

Off you go!

Jurek, Paweł

A three-act comedy

This witty and twisted comedy explores the genre of a soap opera, mixes various kinds of “Dynasty”-like plots, and quotes TV series. It gives us insight into the lives of film producers. 

Collection (scenes from the life of the provinces)

Jakubowski, Jarosław

A man called “Old”, after many years, comes back to his hometown from his journey to South America. Many “benevolent” people turn up, a soon as he arrives, as they suspect they could make business with “Old”. “Old” comes up with an idea of creating a museum of butterflies he brought from America. The project could change the life of theprovince, but nobody believes it could come true. The only people who care about something in the little town are“Old”, “Crazy” and the “Drunkard”- the defender of the poor.

A kings’ undertaker

Łukosz, Jerzy

Written in a form of a confession, Łukosz’s story tells us about somebody who – like Robin Hood – takes from the rich to give to the poor. The only difference is in what he steals: a free space inside a tomb. The narrator throws away the ashes of important persons from their tombs and gives the place inside to the corpses of illegal immigrants, poor and rejected by the society.

The true story of Johnny the stupid

Figura, Radosław

This contemporary drama tells the story of how we adjust to various roles that life brings us. The action takes place in the basement where a group of some homeless people have found shelter. There’s Kaśka, Adidas, Picuś and the Professor. Their community is based on solidarity: together they obtain food etc.. but Kaśka’s role is to satisfy men’s sexual needs. One day two newcomers show up in the basement: Lilka and Jaś, both from good families, with a comfort of social security and safe future.

Nothing that is human

Pałyga, Artur

A dozen or so actors, can be played by 5 actors

A theater triptych exploring the problem of Polish anti-Semitism and general xenophobia from three very subjective perspectives: a victim, a witness, an executioner.

Each part can actually make a separate whole, and each follows a different literary convention (from a social discourse to a poetical drama).