Polish plays


Prześluga, Malina

A funny and touching play by Malina Prześluga about the encounter between a man and a dragon (the so-called stranger who, by definition, arouses fear), getting rid of prejudices and fostering tolerance towards otherness. Human and dragon worlds live side by side and function according to similar principles, but are full of mutual antagonisms. Dragons, just like people, go to work, school (where they learn, among other things, the difficult art of flying), have their own government and president, but instead of similarities they only look for differences.


Babicki, Mariusz

After the collapse of the Gdańsk Shipyard, its former employees disappeared from the sight of the authorities and the public. The plant abandoned by people was taken over by cats. Once a vibrant bar "Krysia" becomes the last bastion for the former shipyard workers: lonely, abandoned and unnecessary, waiting for another wind of change. However, is there any force or idea that could still tear them out of their stagnation and dullness, becoming an impulse to fight for what they have lost?

Come back

Pilarski, Przemysław

A strange, oneiric story about returning to your home town. A wandering musician, quite alike Bob Dylan, appears after many years in his own home, but there are already strangers living there and nobody explains anything to him. The story is based on the fate of the survivors of the Holocaust in Radom, persecuted after the war by Poles who occupied their homes. Understatements and symbols create an atmosphere of mystery like in the series Twin Peaks [...] The atmosphere is defused by a perverse, anarchistic ending.

Stranger. A Greek tragedy

Oparek, Joanna

The main point here is fear, apprehension and suspicion, which are provoked by "historical traumas". It's also about pride and the thin line past which it gives rise to conceit. Numerous stereotypes are viewed under a magnifying glass, stereotypes which often block the possibility of joint actions, and which represent many shades of chauvinism. It is interesting that the text was created as a result of the international workshops conducted this summer with young artists from Poland, Ukraine and Germany.


Zubrzycki, Kuba

Do you know the feeling of being God, of having someone's life depend on you? And you have to decide about a person's fate? This feeling is a side effect of being involved in helping the needy, the sick or the disadvantaged. And do you know what it’s like when, in order for someone to trust you, you have to give up a part of yourself and expose your weaknesses? This is what Silver is about.

Metro Afghanistan

Pawłowski, Łukasz

„War is us. War is Poland. There would be no Poland without war”. It all starts with innocent childhood games back in the yard. We’re full of war, fed by it at home and at school, from which we graduate already carrying a martyrological burden. Politicians have been creating the community and identity of our nation for a long time, preying on the common belief that Poland is predestined to be „Christ of all nations”. Łukasz Pawłowski scrutinizes the idea of „holy war” as well as the ethos and image of Polish soldier.

Life is loading

Więcek, Mariusz
Wójcicki, Jerzy

Life is loading is a play about a new way of experiencing the world, of which the Internet is an inseparable part.  Here we are witnessing a metaphorical colonization of the Wild West, where violence, struggle for territory, gold rush, religious awakenings are not subject to any legislation. Sexaholics, inspired prophets of conspiracy theories, self-proclaimed sheriffs-hackers, prankers, haters, home-grown coaches, trolls - this whole menagerie of human wickedness and beauty wanders through no man's land in search of their five minutes of fame.

To be born again

Ślepowrońska, Dagna

A psychological drama 

Apart from Aniela, all the characters of the play remain seated in the auditorium until their time comes to go on the stage and perform their parts. 


Prześluga, Malina

Swallowtail Butterfly (pl. Queen's page) is accused of infidelity for doubting the existence of the Queen. As a punishment, he is locked up in a bus terminal with all other outcasts from the world of arthropods. Among them, there is Daria - a pupa who's been locked for two years in a cocoon, which she does not want to leave because she is afraid of being a fat and nasty butterfly whom nobody will like. Victor shows up - the hull of a spider, with all his legs ripped off by people. Daria and Victor came there themselves, because they consider themselves worthless.