Polish plays

Life for immediate use

Burzyńska, Anna

A drama involving five young people who started their "adult" life away from their parents, in a big city. They came there to study, but it wasn't the studying and the prospect of achieving a hard-won professional stability that became important to them. Locked in the four walls of one of their buddies' run-down flat, they spend their lives doing drugs, constantly looking for more and more powerful excitement and sensations. The four of them - Ozone, Max, Paula and Angela - have already "got to know life".

Tango Piazzolla

Burzyńska, Anna

Tango Piazzolla is the world's first theatrical play written especially to the music of the great Argentinian composer, tango genius Astor Piazzolla, whose works have been praised for many years both on the most famous concert stages and in night clubs. Piazzolla has combined traditional Argentinian tango compositions with jazz and classical music to best convey the spirit of this dance - sensuality and passion, and at the same time the transience of happiness and sorrow of passing affections. This is also the climate of Anna Burzyńska's play.


Prześluga, Malina

A play for adults by Malina Prześluga written in 2013-14 starts off on Christmas Eve - a holiday on which we promise ourselves harmony and joy, and often go to sleep with a sense of greater emptiness than usual. The situation at the Christmas table shows, in a nutshell, the family's relations: lack of understanding, quarrels over the smallest things. The only person representing the old order, peace, confidence, and warmth is grandma.

Wiera Gran

Burzyńska, Anna

Anna Burzyńska's play tells the story of an outstanding Polish singer of Jewish origin, Wiera Gran, who died several years ago in Paris. It is a peculiar piece, because it combines the songs sung by the artist with the facts of her life skilfully integrated into the musical structure. Above all, it paints a poignant psychological portrait of the heroine and reveals many sensational episodes from her complicated history.


Jakubowski, Jarosław

The poetics of the drama brings to mind Beckett’s work. The ritualisation of physical and verbal actions through repetitiveness, precision, regularity and concentration gives them an almost religious character. Stage directions are as important as dialogue. You can implement the clues in them on stage, but it is no less fun to simply read them. In this ritualisation of trivial everyday activities, in giving them a poetic dimension, in creating a picturesque effect "from nothing" - the drama can also bring to mind the prose of Myśliwski.

Stephanie Moles killed her husband this morning and then she sawed off his right hand

Prześluga, Malina

It would seem that it is a day like any other in a decent bourgeois house, but it happened just as the title says. After killing her husband, Stephanie sawed off his hand with a bread knife. One would think that the cruel Stephanie is finally free, happy and filled with love for the world around her. She puts away in the fridge the things she no longer wants to have anything to do with. All she has to do is get rid of the stains, which is helped by a stain remover and a number of fabric softeners.

Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Burzyńska, Anna

A brilliantly written tragicomedy, imbued with bitterness and ironic insight into the modern world. Chasing money, career at all cost, casual sex, life at its best, constant adrenaline - these are the goals of the characters. At the same time, Burzyńska's play is part of the literary current attempting to describe and define the world of male priorities and stereotypes.