Polish plays

Not there

Prześluga, Malina

Here's a story that happened and didn't happen. There are people in it who aren't there – dead, or have they never existed? Maybe they had no right to exist, because their existence is conditioned by the perception of the countryside by people "from the outside". And for many, the countryside remains terra incognita. According to some, it is the habitat of all pathologies: alcoholism, violence, darkness. For others, it is an idyllic scenery straight from a sentimental postcard. The Polish countryside seems to have no identity of its own.

Heaven and Hell

Wojtyszko, Maria

Children are usually presented with an oversimplified explanation of the world. Those who deserve it go to heaven, and sinners are left in a sad corner (or a bubbling cauldron) in hell. Has anyone ever wondered what might happen if an unruly mum - a DJ who died in an accident and did not manage to say goodbye to her beloved son were to enter the afterlife?

Berlin Porn

Oparek, Joanna

Berlin Porn is a 21-part poem/drama about lust, insatiability and violence, in which the report from a porn festival is intertwined with the story of Jacek Unterweger, a famous Austrian prostitute murderer from the 1980s and 1990s. Let's see what a reviewer had to say:

Wiera Gran

Burzyńska, Anna

Anna Burzyńska's play tells the story of an outstanding Polish singer of Jewish origin, Wiera Gran, who died several years ago in Paris. It is a peculiar piece, because it combines the songs sung by the artist with the facts of her life skilfully integrated into the musical structure. Above all, it paints a poignant psychological portrait of the heroine and reveals many sensational episodes from her complicated history.

Life is loading

Więcek, Mariusz
Wójcicki, Jerzy

Life is loading is a play about a new way of experiencing the world, of which the Internet is an inseparable part.  Here we are witnessing a metaphorical colonization of the Wild West, where violence, struggle for territory, gold rush, religious awakenings are not subject to any legislation. Sexaholics, inspired prophets of conspiracy theories, self-proclaimed sheriffs-hackers, prankers, haters, home-grown coaches, trolls - this whole menagerie of human wickedness and beauty wanders through no man's land in search of their five minutes of fame.

Marital problems

Więcek, Mariusz
Wójcicki, Jerzy

Kinga and Robert decide to get a divorce. The spectators act as witnesses to the dispute. The spouses blame each other for a failed relationship, revealing to the audience embarrassing facts of their lives: financial problems, an unsevered umbilical cord with their parents, a tendency to indulge in pornography, controversial upbringing methods, flirting.

Reality show(s). A cabaret about terrible things

Pilarski, Przemysław

Twenty-five years of beautiful freedom! Lofty slogans about democracy, capitalism and... poverty? The sudden end of the world, unpaid bills and other plagues are just an excuse for God to hide from the world. Somewhere along the way all dreams are exhausted, and the reality is so painful that it can only be turned into a reality show. "My wife Bożena is hiding in the closet from poverty", in such way the neoghbour begins his story. He has not seen his beloved for more than 25 years. It would seem to be a story about the costs of transformation.

Metro Afghanistan

Pawłowski, Łukasz

„War is us. War is Poland. There would be no Poland without war”. It all starts with innocent childhood games back in the yard. We’re full of war, fed by it at home and at school, from which we graduate already carrying a martyrological burden. Politicians have been creating the community and identity of our nation for a long time, preying on the common belief that Poland is predestined to be „Christ of all nations”. Łukasz Pawłowski scrutinizes the idea of „holy war” as well as the ethos and image of Polish soldier.