Polish plays

The quarrel at the ball

Lachnit, Ewa

Their encounter after twenty years reveals different life choices and attitudes. A confrontation seems inevitable. The characters are around their forties; they used to attend the same class at secondary school. Their former classmates have experienced marriages, divorces and love affairs. Many of them have children. Some perhaps drink too much. Bogdan and Baśka achieved financial success, frustrated Michał is always fighting with his German wife, Marta lives in Italy as a successful opera singer etc. 

A monodrama

Szulc, Stefan

Male writers often succeed in creating interesting female portraits. We all remember Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina or Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. If you want to know what kind of female has been created by Stefan Szulc, we strongly recommend his play, “A Monodrama”. You will find some decent fun while watching the Female character – rebellious and wrathful, and at the same time lost and uncertain. Her final decision to leave the Male is not certain. Having locked her partner in the basement, the Female makes the space for her private performance.


Kaczorowski, Tomasz

#darkness by Tomasz Kaczorowski is an ambitious and attractive travesty of Joseph Conard’s Heart of Darkness, embedded in corporate culture and told in the language of social media displayed on smarthpones; the language of brief text messages, instant questions and instant answers. Kaczorowski found a unique narrative formula and style for his play, reflected in its distinctive structure, which reminds us of programming language, text from chatrooms and instant messengers etc.).


Jakubowski, Jarosław

The poetics of the drama brings to mind Beckett’s work. The ritualisation of physical and verbal actions through repetitiveness, precision, regularity and concentration gives them an almost religious character. Stage directions are as important as dialogue. You can implement the clues in them on stage, but it is no less fun to simply read them. In this ritualisation of trivial everyday activities, in giving them a poetic dimension, in creating a picturesque effect "from nothing" - the drama can also bring to mind the prose of Myśliwski.

The New Colony

Wróblewski, Grzegorz

The main focus is on the physical and mental process of existence. Larsen has no control over the scientific process since it has been monitored by two specialists: Mr Spolik and Zvidd. They are the masters of illusions which Larsen experiences. Grzegorz Wróblewski has created an unusual vision of science fiction, both terrifying and surprising. Larsen, Mother and two scientists experience an advanced disintegration of mental and physical structures. The material world seems to be a heavy burden that the New Man has to get accustomed with.


Zdunik, Michał

An empty cinema hall. The young man came here to mull over his life – unfulfilled hopes, lost love, unaccomplished plans. His reminiscences resemble the narration of a film. The man summarizes its action, however, it takes place only in his imagination. There are numbers from 10 to 1 displayed on the screen – this countdown will set the rythm of the drama, comprised of 10 scenes.


Prześluga, Malina

A play for adults by Malina Prześluga written in 2013-14 starts off on Christmas Eve - a holiday on which we promise ourselves harmony and joy, and often go to sleep with a sense of greater emptiness than usual. The situation at the Christmas table shows, in a nutshell, the family's relations: lack of understanding, quarrels over the smallest things. The only person representing the old order, peace, confidence, and warmth is grandma.

The End of the World in White Hill City

Wojtyszko, Maria

White Hill City is almost extinct, and the president is about to arrive with a pre-election message. He's threatened by a local band of Brothers D planning an attack. The town's residents hire a paid assassin, Gloomy Jim, to kill the murderous Brothers, which would be perfect if it wasn't for the fact that Jim is old and can't shoot anymore. Whores from the saloon are looking for a way out of this situation and decide to take matters into their own hands and not to rely on the courage and heroism of the men.

Just a word

Prześluga, Malina

Ctule sticks a play dough beak on the Ball to make her into a real Gull. Ctule himself would like to be at least a „yesctule”, the only logical opposite of a „noctule”, just like “thing” is the opposite of “nothing”, or “yeswhere” is the opposite of “nowhere”. Ctule suffers, because he feels incomplete and meaningless. They were both invented by a small girls who doesn’t speak all that well yet. They decide to get some advice.

Until the Very End

Zdunik, Michał

What if camera operators from the TV studio, not the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, were the heralds of the Last Judgement? And what if the TV show host replaced archangels?Or if we got blinded by the spotlights, not by the mighty lightnings?