Verklärte nacht

Bajer, Michał

The Quiet Madness of the Elderly Ladies

Ida and Róża live together in their cosy cottage surrounded by the garden. Despite the seemingly peaceful nature of their existence the two elderly ladies have constant battles. They accuse each other of mental distortion during regular visits at their doctor. The real battle, however, is about fading memory. Thus, it must be renewed and recreated by means of a mother - daughter game, as well as by acting out some childhood stories, discussing early romances, relatives’ affairs, and watering one and the same flower hundred times a day. 
Bajer’s play seeks to talk about the oblivion that everyone is bound to face while getting old. Obsessive and full of naive charm, the characters – elderly pianists, go through their everyday routines. When one of them dies, we are not sure if it really happens. Is it a dream, or a trick of the defective mind? Since one of the sisters shows true passion for poisons collecting, we cannot exclude the possibility of an unfortunate accident. The play certainly tends at some point towards an old-fashioned detective story. Nevertheless, it has a lot more to offer: the audience is welcomed by the author to participate in the process of aging. How does it feel?